Hey all! This is a great program to help you and your family financially survive an emergency. This program is available to all residents of the community and helps cover the cost of an ambulance or air ambulance trip after your insurance. This is not a primary insurance, but a supplement to what you have. Firemed is accepted in over half of the state of Oregon, so no matter where you travel- you’re covered. It is a low cost addition to protect your family. For as little as $1.15 per week, you could have peace of mind about emergency finances. This program bills your insurance and then you never see another bill. That’s it! An ambulance bill can be $2000 or more and an air ambulance upwards of $10,000 per trip. Imagine how financially strained this could leave you without assistance, even after insurance pays their share. For $60 a year, you and your family could be covered for ground ambulance transportation with Firemed Basic. For $120 a year, everyone in your household could be covered for ground or air ambulance with Firemed Plus. Take away a bit of of the stress and anxiety when you have a family emergency and enroll today!! You can pick up an application at city hall, the fire station, or you can enroll online here.

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