Welcome to the home of Cascade Locks Fire and EMS! We are pleased to have you visit us in our virtual world. Please have a look around and enjoy.


Mission statement:

“We, the members of Cascade Locks Fire and EMS, are here to serve and protect our community, environment, and surrounding areas in a professional and timely manner; whenever the need arises.”


To those who live in and around Cascade Locks, there is a survey in your next city newsletter. We ask that you please complete and return that survey. It is completely anonymous. We really would like your positive and constructive feedback to help us move forward. Those surveys are due back by May 31st. The results will be released in the July newsletter. Thank you for your participation. 

Many trails are still closed in the burn area of the Columbia River Gorge. PLEASE do not enter closed area. We understand your curiosity, bu tthose areas are closed for safety reasons. There is a fine for entering closed areas. To check and see if your favorite trail is closed, please click here.

For anyone who would like to donate to the fire department you can click the link below. We thank you for your time and appreciation. 

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