Seat belts

Seat belts are one of the top reasons people survive accidents. Make sure to wear your seat belts properly and ensure everyone in the vehicle is also wearing one properly. Children, especially those in car seats and booster seats should always be in the back seat behind the driver or passenger seat. NEVER remove a child from their safety seat while the vehicle is in motion. Not even to change a diaper or breast feed. It’s easy to justify not wearing your seat belt; “It’s just down the street.” or “My seat belt doesn’t fit me right.” are the most common excuses. Most accidents occur within five miles of home and most fatal accidents occur on rural roadways. If you don’t have a seat belt that fits right, there are after market adapters for seat belts to lengthen or shorten them as necessary and they can be purchased at most stores. AND no one wants a ticket for not wearing a seat belt. That’s a waste of your precious, hard-earned money on something so easily avoided. If you need any other reasons to wear a seat belt, look around you at your friends and family. Be safe, buckle up.


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